Media Attention Helps Bereaved Son Get Back to New Zealand

Twenty-three year-old Javas Carter is heading back home early to New Zealand today from Los Angeles in order to attend his father’s funeral. And it’s all thanks to Down Under wire service APNZ.

After learning of his dad’s sudden death while in LA, nothing Carter or his friends tried could convince Air New Zealand to move up his Sunday December 4 air miles flight. Part of the problem was that the airline was partnered on this particular trip with United, and Carter kept getting bounced back and forth between representatives for the two carriers.

What’s really strange in this case is not that it all changed within about an hour of Air New Zealand being contacted by APNZ. Rather, but rather that the airline then did this:

Carter said he was again contacted by Air New Zealand, which told him he should not talk about the situation to the media.

Carter tells APNZ he might sue, which seems almost as misguided as the above referenced follow-up. Although it wasn’t pretty, the airline is getting him back home in time for a very sad occasion. RIP.