McFetridge Speaks!


He’s one of our favorites, the subject of much-deserved attention, and a Master of Design. Now, the Beautiful Loser himself, Geoff McFetridge will be making a public appearance in Pasadena tomorrow night.

We can’t begin to guess what kind of ground he hopes to cover, seeing as there are literally zillions of projects that make up McFetridge, but a previous presentation he gave promised these things:

Some Poems, Logos, Posters, Books, Cartoons, Animations, Flying Logos,Skateboards, Advertisements, Toys, Paintings, Tshirts, Fabric and Wallpaper, Art Shows, Marketing, Jokes, Videos, Dances, and Songs about Graphic Design.

Thursday, November 2, 2006
7:30 pm in the Los Angeles Times Media Center at Art Center.