Maybe Not ‘Top Design,’ But Viewing Party Is Tops


We’re not passing any judgement about a TV show where the proposed tagline was a brilliant “See ya later, decorator.” But our bloggy sisters over at FishbowlLA seem to have had a pretty rockin’ time at the “Top Design” viewing party on Wednesday night, including some dish about the contestants…and the judges:

Ashton pointed out that the call on judgment day was 6 am, and by the time the scene was shot at 4:30am, everyone was exhausted. Keller told everyone within earshot that Ralphie-look alike Michael Erik, and Goil are super-nice, amazing people, the most wonderful people in the universe. One of the winning designers, who dreamed up the litter box, Elizabeth Moore, had been a stylist for Prince. Someone, can’t recall who exactly, told us that if we thought Kelly Wearstler‘s tutu and leggings get-up was odd, keep watching.

It doesn’t matter what she wears, actually. That Wearstler is one hot bitch.