Maybe John McCain Should Draw Some Lessons From Julia Allison

mcallis.pngPoor John McCain now that the press appears to actually be doing their job, everyone is giving him a hard time about all the lies he’s been telling — even Karl Rove thinks he’s gone too far. So what’s John McCain doing about it? Nothing right if the escalating criticism of his campaign is anything to go by. Perhaps he should consider enlisting the consulting services of Julia Allison. Allison was recently interviewed for PR Week and says that with regards to bad press the thing to do is keep on keeping on:

The best way to handle bad press is to overwhelm it with other press. If you try to refute, and think that’s an effective way for that to go away, it’s not. All it will do is increase that particular angle in your Google search. The only way to deal with is to keep on going and take in other press for good things.
We are going to assume that McCain probably doesn’t know who Julia Allison is, or that he is overly concerned with the Google, but still! She makes a good point. No time like the present to hear from McCain on, say, the economy.