Matthews on Hollywood Stars

On “Morning Joe” this morning, Chris Matthews weighed in on Hollywood and celebrity:

    MATTHEWS: Do you think it’s possible that the buildup of a certain Hollywood celebrity could be completely foisted on the country and nobody, if you get them alone, really likes the person, they’re just taught to like them.

    WILLIE GEIST: Are you talking about Sarah Jessica Parker?

    MATTHEWS: Yeah. … Why are they movie stars? …. When I see certain movie stars, I get it right away. Gwyneth Paltrow … Julie Christopher … But is Brad Pitt really a movie star? …I can see Russell Crowe, I get it … Naomi Watts, I get … Angelina Jolie, I don’t get her … Jennifer Aniston, I get her. … Grace Kelly I get …

    BUCHANAN: A long time ago, Chris!

    MATTHEWS: But those movies are still available!