Matthew Modine Unleashes Full Metal Jacket iPad App

First came the movie, in 1987. Then, two decades later, it was time for a limited edition book. Now, to mark Full Metal Jacket’s 25th anniversary, the film’s star Matthew Modine has turned that 2005 personal production diary into a $14.99 iPad app.

In a guest blog post for Ted Hope’s filmmaking website, Modine explained how the latest incarnation evolved:

The first edition of FMJ Diary [in 2005] was limited to only 20,000 laser-etched numbered copies and featured, literally, a metal book jacket. Upon release, it was well reviewed, awarded a prize for its design, and sold out rather quickly.

For years now, fans of the film and of Kubrick have been asking when a paperback edition might be released. The fact is, I wanted the 20,000 copies to be collector’s items and I never intended to publish a paperback version…

After receiving the gift of an iPad in the spring of 2011, the actor realized this was the medium to use for follow-up purposes. The app was funded with the help of $27,000 raised on kickstarter in concert with former Apple exec Adam Rackoff. In this morning’s press release, Modine guesses that “if Stanley were alive today, I think he would love the iPad.” That’s probably very true.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.