Ryerson University Alums Navigate Away From Clickbait

"Why? Because New York has The New Yorker, Toronto has Toronto Life and Texas has Texas Monthly.”

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Ryerson University is one of Canada’s leading journalism schools, along with Carleton University in Ottawa. Now, a pair of Ryerson graduates based in Halifax are planning a 2017 long-form magazine, designed primarily as an antidote to clickbait.


What makes the efforts of Matthew Halliday and Chelsea Murray even more uplifting to FishbowlNY is that the news was delivered by Local Express, a “journalist-run digital upstart.” Per Andrea Nemetz’s piece, there is a Kickstarter campaign designed to fund the first batch of stories, with a subscription-model envisioned for the long haul. The Deep will publish one story each month:

Like the Halifax Examiner, an online news site from investigative journalist Tim Bousquet, and allNovaScotia, an online publication focusing on business and political news, it will be behind a paywall, with a modest subscription fee.

“Photography will be a big part and we may include other media elements, but the focus will be on words,” he says, noting his vision is for stories about people and places in Atlantic Canada that will illustrate ideas and issues that are of concern in this part of the country through strong characters and scenes.

“They will read like short stories, but will be real.”

Per the screen grab above, The Deep is partnered with local weekly newspaper The Coast for help with things like graphic design and marketing. Halliday is currently a communications officer at Saint Mary’s University, while Murray works for the environmental non-profit Ducks Unlimited.

Halifax has become a Canadian settling-city of choice for many artists and writers priced out of Vancouver and Toronto. We look forward to reading The Deep.