Matt Lewis Vs. Ben Howe at the Monkey Bars After School

I love a good Twitter fight. Wednesday saw one, of sorts, between The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis and Redstate’s Ben Howe.

Apparently they don’t like each other. Or at least Howe doesn’t like Lewis, Lewis claims. What caused Lewis to write the post? This exchange between Howe and Tweeps named “John Ekdahl Jr.” and “ConArtCritic”.

While attacking Lewis, Howe said “God I hate that guy” and “I’ve never liked that guy. He’s high on his own intellect which is funny given how average it is” and, what finally set Lewis off, was this: “not to mention he has sex with animals.”

Mature, right?

Lewis, who can be a bit of a bitch sometimes, was rightly at the end of his rope. And, as often happens when you attack someone with an audience, he took to his soapbox and told his reads about it.

In the spirit of hitting back harder than you were hit, Lewis contacted the Heritage Foundation for comment (Howe has done contract work for them) on what they think of someone who does work for them accuses someone of bestiality. Heritage quickly distanced itself from Howe, pointing out how he’d done things it the past and doesn’t have a contract with them.

This set off a bunch of complaining about Lewis on Twitter by friends of Howe and people who just don’t like Lewis, none of which is important or relevant here (plus you’ve probably never heard of the people complaining anyway).

But Howe did tweet, “Not to be too nitpicky, but trolling usually requires you put the person’s name in the tweet. This is how you ‘troll’ them (bug them)’ in reference to the title of the Lewis piece. But what Ben fails to note is when someone is mentioned in an original tweet, as Lewis was in the tweet that led to the bestiality tweet, they can see all the replies to it by simply clicking on it.

More importantly, Howe seems to be justifying talking shit about someone behind their back. That may fly in high school, but not on the Internet.

I don’t really know either of these guys, but in this case it seems clear Howe is the bitch and Lewis the winner. Howe started it, unprovoked, and Lewis smacked him back twice as hard. Howe may not like that, but tough shit. Talk smack about someone and it gets back to them.

Howe posted on Facebook, “No matter how much I dislike or disagree with a fellow conservative, I never try to get them fired. This is how I feed me family.” Maybe he should have been thinking about his family and his ability to feed them before being an asshole on Twitter. Just a thought.

There’s a lot you can say about Matt Lewis, but banging animals is not one of them. And if you do decide to talk shit about Matt you’d better be prepared to have that shit flung back at you twice as hard and in a much more mature way. Mature might not be the right word, but on the playground that is the Internet the guy with both the facts and the bigger stick wins.

UPDATE: Before I even got around to posting this, another volley was launched against Matt Lewis, albeit an even more childish one. The Twitter account @MKLewisRider started tweeting “rules for who can meet with Matt K. Lewis.”

If I remembered high school it would be a lot like this. Thank god for drugs.