Matt Haber Leaves Media Beat Behind

train.jpgCalling covering the media “futile,” Matt Haber, currently writing about the industry at, said today that he is leaving his post — and his position as a media reporter. We can’t say we don’t know how he feels.

Explained Haber, eloquently, of course:

“Reporting, blogging, aggregating, and thinking about the media on a daily basis feels increasingly like a fool’s errand. Tracking the narrative — not just of an industry’s decline but of all the incremental steps being taken to revive whatever remains salvageable for the platforms and consumer habits of the future — is futile, at least for the time being. In order to get a little perspective — and, to be honest, some rest — I’ll be stepping away from the daily media beat, at least for the foreseeable future.”

Haber is no stranger to the horrors of 2009 that claimed countless jobs this year, having been among the ranks of those laid off. He told us “All’s well,” after The New York Observer axed a slew of reporters in June, and then started writing for, the revived Web site of the shuttered Condé Nast business pub, later this summer. In his parting missive, Haber doesn’t miss a chance to comment on the existence of the site where he ended up:

“The very existence of this website after the spectacular 2007 rollout and 2009 fold up of Condé Nast Portfolio is proof that sometimes the damsel does get saved before the train runs her over.”

The train doesn’t seem to have missed Haber this time around. We’ll be pouring one out for him tonight.

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