Mass Murderer Quotes D.C. Writer

Writer Phillip Longman, former Deputy Managing Editor of U.S. News & World Report and now a Senior Fellow at the New American Foundation, received shocking news last week. The manifesto of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik was apparently  a fan of his work and scalped a full cover story by Longman on global demographics. The killer also quoted statistics from his 2006 book, The Return of Patriarchy.

Flattering, right?

An excerpt from a story Longman wrote on the ordeal for Foreign Policy Magazine in which he sifts through the 1,1518-page manifesto and analyzes it:

There have been a few, gratifying moments during my long career as a writer when people have told me their lives were changed for the better by something I wrote. Yet every writer, particularly those dealing with controversial subjects, has to confront the possibility that his or her words will have, or will seem to have had, baleful influences as well.