Marwencol Director Returns to His Alma Mater

Director Jeff Malmberg was at his alma mater USC last night for a screening of his brilliant documentary film Marwencol–about a man named Mark Hogancamp who loses his memory and physical abilities after a traumatic beating. To help regain these functions Hogancamp builds a world of dolls, which he then photographs. He calls his doll world Marwencol.

After four years of filming for the documentary, Malmberg revealed to the audience last night that the film took so long to make, Hogancamp often doubted whether the film was ever going to come out. “Mark built a film studio in Marwencol, made dolls for all of us and told us ‘In Marwencol, your dolls actually finish the film.'”

Marwencol opens in LA at the Nuart this Friday, in an event with Henry Rollins. Should be fun.