Attorney Marty Singer Goes After Latina Author

Famed Hollywood attorney Marty Singer may have gotten more than he bargained for when he sent a pair of threatening letters to Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez (pictured), author of The Dirty Girls Social Club. In her most fascinating blog post yet, Valdes-Rodriguez shares details of those letters and delivers several new bombshell accusations aimed at Ann Lopez, ex-wife of George, whose Encanto Productions optioned the Valdes novel and proceeded to turn it into a homogenized Latina TV pilot version of Sex and the City.

For starters, Valdes-Rodriguez wants Singer to know that she never posted a photo of right-winger David Duke while complaining about the poor quality of the Encanto Dirty Girls pilot script, nor did she link said photo to a Klu Klux Klan website. She then wonders why an attorney hired to combat a case of alleged defamation would insinuate the possible sourcing of earlier defamatory statements made by others about her.

Singer has hinted he might use Wikipedia and other unreliable sources to question my mental health should I refuse to obey his demands for retractions. Sound familiar? It’s the same type of “she-was-wearing-a-short-skirt” tactic used by attorneys defending rapists by re-victimizing their victims…

Mr. Singer has also disturbingly threatened to use blog posts by David Shankbone and others allegedly about my personal struggles with coming out of the closet as bisexual as “proof” that I “lie” on blogs to get attention, implying that invasions of my personal sexual life have anything whatsoever to do with my disappointment in the Encanto script that I read. How ridiculous.

Valdes-Rodriguez takes full responsibility for not properly reading a one-sided option agreement. However, she claims Lopez has conveniently forgotten two crucial sideline conversations. One, by phone, promised the author script approval and recurring consultant fees; the other, in person with Lopez and her Encanto partners, involved the author telling them she was bisexual as part of her objections to the script’s degradation of bisexual characters.

For the record, the Albuquerque-based author thinks that while some of her prior tweets, Facebook posts and blogs (deleted, and still extant) may have been harsh, they were always truthful. Nonetheless, she has shared some factual corrections and excised another layer of her more contentious, previous statements.

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