Martin Schoeller Photographs L.A.’s Homeless

Says the superstar lenser: “It’s important to bring their stories out, to give them more of an identity.”

MartinSchoellerHomelessThe latest project of New York-based photographer Martin Schoeller is, once again, endlessly fascinating. The German-born artist, who in the past has focused on everything from female bodybuilders to identical twins, has over the past six months made several trips out West to shoot in extreme close-up members of the very large Los Angeles homeless community. He’s been sharing the results on Instagram and now, in the December issue of Los Angeles magazine, nine of the photos are highlighted.

The project completes another busy year for Schoeller. At the beginning of 2015, he did an interview with colleague Ken Weingart. If you don’t know too much about Schoeller, the Q&A is a great way to become familiar with his career. Among many topics, Schoeller revisits what it was like when he first came to New York and worked as an assistant for Annie Leibovitz:

“You learn so much working with Annie because she gives away so much responsibility. I was in charge of lighting for her. She’s very peculiar about her lighting, but she’s not very technical. She doesn’t always know how to achieve what she wants, but she knows what she wants – which is the most important part. The issue was that sometimes I wasn’t able to make her happy with it, and she would say, “No I don’t like this lighting.” I tried very hard to please her, but wasn’t always successful.”

Schoeller is also trying to help the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition (GWHFC) raise $200,000 to use as a down payment for a more permanent meals facility for the homeless. The organization currently serves food and drink on the streets near a Target retail mall at the intersection of La Brea Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd. More info on the fundraising campaign here.

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