Martha Stewart’s Eggsellent Translation of Prada’s Fall Runway

martha prada eggs.jpg

Here at UnBeige, we celebrate Easter with our own version of an egg hunt that involves scouring the Internet for bargain-priced Arne Jacobsen chairs. But now Martha Stewart has us thinking twice about more traditional festivities. Today on the special Easter edition of her talk show, she blew us away with her ability to rapidly translate Prada‘s big fall ’08 runway revelation (lace, lace, and more lace!) to the medium of Easter eggs! That’s right, this year all you need is a bit of lace to make your eggs look superior to those of less innovative types who are now scooping up PAAS kits and readying their glitter shakers.

Martha walked the audience through the wrap/dip/dry process (details here), in which the lace pattern becomes imprinted on the egg. “It doesn’t matter what kind of lace you use,” she assured them, before rattling off some options: “black, ecru, Chantilly, Alencon” (and we love the fact that she could have gone on naming varieties of lace for the remainder of the show!). Of course, not wanting to alienate members of her audience who haven’t already strategized based on last month’s Milan shows, Martha didn’t actually mention the Prada link, but we nonetheless salute her holiday wink at Miuccia — and a mere month after the runway show.