Marlise Kast on the 700 Club


Ex-tabloid reporter Marlise Kast, who, we cannot fail to note, ”wanted to be Katie Couric,” is a hard person to figure out. She contains enough contradictions to give the well-intentioned media observer cognitive vertigo. She left The Globe because she was plagued by doubts about the ethics of her job. Swell and lovely. However, the cover design and the marketing strategy of the book veer towards salacious reverence for the very tabloidal structure she presently abhors. Oh, and now she’s down with Jesus. From Huffingtonpost:

”Former ‘Globe’ reporter Marlise Kast appeared on ‘The 700 Club’ to promote her book ‘Tabloid Prodigy,’ in which she discusses her departure from the world of tabloid journalism and her return to Christ. Kast, who came from a family of missionaries and ministers, says she would do anything for a scoop, including posing as a drunken guest to sneak into William Shatner’s wedding and even moving next door to Leonardo DiCaprio to monitor his whereabouts. She tells ‘700 Club’ co-host Terry Meeuwsen, ‘Deep down I knew what I was doing was wrong.’ Maybe Kast will say the same thing about going on ‘The 700 Club’ when she re-watches this clip years from now.”

UPDATE: Apologies to Ms. Kast for misidentifying a photo earlier. And we wish he luck on her odd but interesting change in career direction.

(image via adamradio)