Marketing: A Job-Change Success Story

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Need to change jobs? Maybe you’re relocating. Maybe you have another reason for voluntarily quitting your job and searching for a new one in this economy. (Like, perhaps, insanity.)

But with a little preparation, you can actually make that leap. has the story.

“In preparation for the move, Diane [a marketer in San Francisco who wanted to move to New York], volunteered in the San Francisco office of American Marketing Association and used their listing of members in New York to make some information calls…In the end, Diane found a job through online social networking. It was a connection to a friend of a friend on LinkedIn that lead her to a position at Nabisco, one that focuses on Asian consumers both here and abroad. Diane spoke decent Mandarin (she was a Peace Corps volunteer in China for two years). She did a key word search on LinkedIn using “Mandarin” and “marketing” and uncovered the individual who would eventually hire her as assistant product manager in the Nabisco division marketing energy beverages in China.”

The volunteering for a committee or association is a brilliant tip, and here’s a few more:
-Step up your networking. This is not the time to be casual. Find somebody you know who knows somebody you want to know, and ask for that introduction.
-Study industry data. This may mean giving up on that print newspaper reporting position for now and focusing on online, or it may mean finding a PR firm that works with the government (stable) instead of auto dealers.
-Be patient.