For Computer Help, Mark Zuckerberg’s Dad Counts on Son-in-Law

That’s one of the funniest revelations in today’s LA Times Column One interview conducted by reporter Nathaniel Popper with Edward Zuckerberg (pictured), Mark’s dad.

The Dobbs Ferry, New York dentist, who famously got into media hot water for once marketing himself to patients as the “Father of Facebook”, now tries to avoid any overt mention of his billionaire son. In fact, when it comes to computer help, he says he relies not on The Social Network guy but rather some dude betrothed to his middle daughter:

Donna, a doctoral student in classics, is married to a computer whiz. That son-in-law, Harry Schmidt, has supplemented his graduate school income by designing an iPhone app for translating Latin.

It is Schmidt, not Mark, whom dentist Zuckerberg calls when he needs IT help. “Mark was never a repair kind of guy,” Zuckerberg said. “Harry can do lots of stuff that Mark can’t.”

Wow. We think Zuckerberg sr. just made Schmidt’s year. To borrow a few words from son-in-law’s preferred iPhone lingo, Mr. Schmidt, you are now officially a “magister mundi” (master of the universe).

[Photo credit: Michael Nagle]

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.