Mark Your Calendar: Core77 to Announce Design Award Winners

What projects will triumph in the inaugural Core77 Design Awards and receive coveted trophies designed by Rich Brilliant Willing? Be among the first to find out, as the 15 juries announce their decisions in live webcasts from around the world. The award-bestowing fun kicks off on Tuesday, July 12, as crack judging squads in London and Beijing weigh in on the categories of furniture/lighting (chaired by Max Fraser) and the highly anticipated “never saw the light of day” (chaired by Aric Chen, it will honor outstanding projects completed, but killed, in 2010), and continues through Friday, July 22, when a jury based in Ahmedabad, India, will discuss its top picks in the Design for Social Impact category. The teams have rated entries based on intent, process, innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurship, value, and, ah yes, aesthetics. Click here to view and commit to memory the full Core77 Design Awards results broadcast schedule, paying particular attention to the excitement on tap for Bastille Day, when Steven Heller‘s team (perhaps wearing berets and brandishing baguettes) will reveal the supérieure graphics, branding, and identity projects.