D.C. Pap Calls Out Examiner Gossip Scribe

Now and again local D.C. paparazzo Mark Wilkins (aka Marky Mark on Twitter) can be seen tweaking Nikki Schwab, who writes the Washington Examiner‘s “Yeas and Nays” gossip column.

Wilkins was at it today. “FAIL FAIL FAIL – AGAIN Nikki Schwab wrote a piece saying the Children’s Inaugural Concert 2013 was NOT HAPPENING, WRONG,” he snapped today on Twitter. Schwab had written a report saying a concert planned for President Obama‘s re-inauguration wasn’t happening. The concert is reportedly on schedule to take place. (We were unable to locate Schwab’s report that the concert wasn’t happening. It may have been deleted.)

“Literacy fail. It is indeed happening,” a forthcoming Schwab replied to Wilkins.

Previously…Wilkins has accused Schwab and her then co-columnist Jenny Rogers of “making up stuff.” Over the summer, he called out Schwab for an erroneous item she published that said rapper Drake had “stopped by Sprinkles cupcake store in Georgetown … but went unnoticed by staff.” Drake had actually not been to Sprinkles. (After Wilkins pointed out the mistake, Schwab threw some shade his way, acknowledging her mistake and saying “a rotund photographer [was] blocking my view.”)

After Rogers left her gig with Schwab to work at WCP late last year, Wilkins remarked on Twitter that it was “pretty funny that Schwab cannot keep a partner.” He said, the Examiner “should rethink [Schwab] being the lead writer.” Since Schwab started at the paper three years ago, she’s had three co-columnists, now going on the fourth if they can find someone.

So what’s Wilkins’ beef with Schwab?

“I just don’t like people who make up stuff” he told FishbowlDC. Wilkins also said he had a quid pro quo deal with Schwab. “I used to give her pictures. She would call me begging for pictures all the time.”

He said he has working relationships with several gossip scribes who tip him off on stories and in return, he gives them photos. He said he worked with “Yeas and Nays” for more than six years. That is, until Schwab stiffed him.

“She wrote something and I asked her why she didn’t tell me about it ahead of time and she just said, ‘Oh well,'” Wilkins said. Wilkins said Schwab is “the only one I’ve ever had a problem with.”

Schwab did not return our request for comment.