Mark Levin Calls Ana Marie Cox ‘Dumb’ After She Calls his Book ‘Boring’ and Insane‘s Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro ran a bread and butter post today in which conservative radio personality Mark Levin calls Guardian‘s lefty writer Ana Marie Cox “as dumb as it gets.” He throws in an “anal sex aficionado” descriptor just for fun.

The reason? Cox wrote a piece on Levin’s bestselling book, The Liberty Amendments. She refers to his project, which involves creating 10 new constitutional amendments,  as “insanity” and “wishes” and says he’s living in a “fantasy world.” She describes his angst on the matter as “silken outrage.” And the deck: “It’s an index of conservative dismay at what American democracy has delivered that a book as boring as this can be a bestseller.”

While Cox keeps things generally caustic politically, Levin gets personally attacking.

“Former national correspondent for the now defunct Air America rants against The Liberty Amendments without addressing a single substantive argument – either relating to the state of the nation or reforms to address it.  But she does manage to attack old white people (do they get any whiter than this woman, by the way?).  This may explain why she’s had so many jobs, bouncing from one left-wing zombie outlet to another.  Reading comprehension and rational debate elude her.

Weirdly enough the “anal sex aficionado” reference links to a FishbowlDC post from 2006 written by Garrett Graff, back when Graff could still be scrappy in print.

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