Mark Greenberg Named Head of Unnamed New Pay Channel

Ousted former Showtime exec Mark Greenberg, who was rumored to have clashed with Showtime CEO Matthew Blank is expected to be named chief executive officer of a new pay TV channel and online service. To compete with – you guessed it – Showtime!

From Business Week:

Viacom’s (VIA) Paramount Pictures, MGM, and Lions Gate Entertainment (LGF) announced Apr. 20 they would team up to launch a new pay TV channel that would have a strong online offering as well. Viacom will be providing operational support to the channel through its MTV Networks division. The announcement came as the three studios were opting not to renew their deals to supply Showtime with their movies, after the channel asked them to lower their fees. In addition to showing movies, the channel will develop original programs.

When your inception is rife with rivalry and backstabbing – we’re already entertained by your channel.

Yep. You’re good.