Forbes Chats With Mediashift’s Mark Glaser

San Francisco-based expert was in town for the New York leg of Collab/Space.

This year, Mediashift maestro Mark Glaser is staging his Collab/Space workshop in Austin, New York and San Francisco. The New York event took place Wednesday, during which time Glaser found time to chat with Forbes blogger Peter Himler.

At one point, Himler tells Glaser that he misses the days when “The New York Times controlled the national news agenda.” We bet the NYT does too. That remark prompted a smile from Glaser, a small jibe, and these thoughts:

“Everyone has a certain bias. I respect more, people who come out and say – ‘Here’s my bias, this is what I’m doing.’ Versus, ‘I am this neutral… I am nothing, I am just a person reporting the facts.’ That’s not real. Everyone knows no one is a robot. You come with your own personal background, your personal biases.”

Glaser and Himler go on from there to address the tidal wave of sponsored content.