Marissa Mayer Has a New Cover to Bear

This week's Variety is decidedly al Fresco.

From Milan, Italy, illustrator Marco Ventura has depicted Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s current challenges as a station on the crosscurrents of digital media. It’s the cover of this week’s issue of Variety, and the imagery is striking.


When Mayer gave her first post-Yahoo interview in the fall of 2012, she cited Vince Lombardi’s ethos of “God, family and the Green Back Packers.” And then famously added: “I think that for me, it’s God, family and Yahoo — in that order.” (Mayer is a Lutheran Christian.)

Four years later, that order is no doubt still the same for Mayer, who gave birth to twin girls in December. But as the Variety cover line hints, the third component  may soon no longer be an active concern.

Another one of illustrator Ventura’s recent covers made use of a similarly cheeky historical context. In advance of New York digital editor Todd Spangler’s cover story, there is always this Mayer take from Christianity 21st Century.

Update (May 24):
A Yahoo spokesperson has provided FishbowlNY with the following statement: “Running that cover illustration is Variety’s own burden to bear.”

The cover story is now online, for which Ventura and the Variety editors keep the religious illustrative theme going with some Last Supper imagery. The chosen headline for the story is actually much better from an analogous point of view. It deems Mayer a “False Prophet.”

Image via: @AWallenstein