Hollywood Trades React to Marissa Mayer Yahoo Appointment

Among the quartet of Hollywood “trades,” none had been keeping a closer eye on the Yahoo! CEO sweepstakes than TheWrap. Sharon Waxman wrote several articles about this topic, working her extensive showbiz contacts. But she and media reporter Lucas Shaw today were as surprised as everyone else by the appointment to the post of Google VP Marissa Mayer:

Choosing Mayer over Levinsohn appears like another win for technology over media at one of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies… She holds a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford – a real one – as well as a bachelor’s degree in symbolic systems.

Deadline.com executive editor David Lieberman was a close second to Waxman with regards to handicapping the Yahoo! boardroom. The exclamatory first word in his headline this afternoon says it all:

So much for all the talk last week about interim CEO Ross Levinsohn landing the top job on a more secure basis. Mayer, 37, was the 20th employee at Google — and emerged as one of the company’s most prominent representatives. An engineer, she was credited with developing the look and feel of its most popular products including Google Maps.

Mayer is going to need a really good map to get Yahoo! back to a place of Internet prominence. But on this perfectly temperate Monday July afternoon, she has instantly become one of the town’s major players.

[In her interview last year with Mediabistro, Mayer talked about how she joined Google in the first place. That portion of our 2011 conversation is embedded, above.]