Marcia Myers Is Named Editor of CQ Magazine

She'll also oversee the mag's digital revamp.

CQ Roll Call has named two-time Polk Award-winner Marcia Myers editor of CQ magazine.

“Marcia will help bring new depth to our already authoritative reports on how Congress, the federal government and the states deal with pressing national issues. Her investigative chops stand apart even in a town of thousands of quality journalists,” writes CQ Roll Call vp and news director Steve Komarow in a note to staff.

In addition to her regular editorial duties, Myers is tasked with creating a “refreshed and expanded digital presence,” for the magazine.

Prior to joining Scripps, Myers was the projects and investigations editor for EMEA at Bloomberg News, but a major portion of her career has been spent at the Baltimore Sun, where she started as a reporter. By the time she left the Sun, she was the paper’s deputy managing editor.

According to Komarow’s note, Myers is into risk-taking, of both the climbing 4,000-foot peaks and the sneaking past security to get to Clinton impeachment investigator Ken Starr‘s offices variety.