Marc Jacobs Opts for Miley Cyrus

Bold choice, Mr. Jacobs. Bold choice.

There are many other reactions being articulated today about the news first shared by fashion designer Marc Jacobs via his label’s official Twitter feed. But… he’s no dummy… Miley is still media-yummy… And so there you have it. From the Global Post/EFE report:

Cyrus will be the new image for Jacobs’ spring/summer ad campaign… She will be photographed by Britain’s David Sims, even though since 1998 the company has always counted on Juerguen Teller as its photographer.

Jacobs shared, as part of his announcement, the following teaser photo. Twerking, this ain’t.


The Posts‘s description of this photo is hilarious. If it were a caption, it would basically go against everything a Millenials fashion promo usually aims for:

Cyrus wearing the designer’s clothes on a dark, gloomy beach with a somber, sulky expression, sitting on a dune with the sea in the background.

But again, we’re going to stick with Jacobs here rather than the Post/EFE. Even though the above would not look out of place on Netflix as a placeholder for 1986 drama River’s Edge.

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