Maxim Magazine Follows U-T San Diego’s Manti Te’o Lead

Matthew T. Hall, public engagement editor for U-T San Diego, is chuckling this morning about the woman who appears at, ahem, #69 on Maxim magazine’s latest Hot 100 list. And who can blame him? It’s the girlfriend San Diego Charger Manti Te’o never had:

Hall writes that it will be interesting to see if the gang at Maxim gets as much flack as his own paper did for recently running an editorial cartoon poking fun at the same insignificant other. The bottom line is Te’o better get used to this: at every away-game, one can only imagine the taunts that will come from the tailgate-fueled crowds.

Hall also has an extensive recap of the Twitter reaction to cartoonist Steve Breen‘s April 29 U-T drawing. FishbowlLA thinks the Twittersphere will be kinder to the Maxim goof, if only because the Ms. Invisible bikini-beach shot above is – for whatever reason – a lot funnier. Read Hall’s full piece here.