Manchester Union-Leader In New Hampshire Faces Layoffs, 10 % Salary Cut

The largest newspaper in New Hampshire is going to get a little smaller in the days to come.

After the Manchester News Guild unanimously rejected the Union-Leader’s proposal to cut pay by 10 percent, cut sick time and increase the workweek, the newspaper says it must achieve cost savings through other means: layoffs.

The Union-Leader will cut six positions, including three senior reporters, sometime in early November, reports NHPR— New Hampshire public radio. The 10 percent pay cut will also take effect anyway.

This comes two years after staff already accepted a double-digit pay cut, NHPR says. It leaves workers making 22% less than they did in 2008.

Tax documents show, NHPR reports, that the paper’s president and publisher, Joe McQuaid, took a pay cut in 2009.
But last year, he took in more than he did pre-cut.