Male Journos Insist All Men Don’t Cheat

Do all men cheat?

Well, not according to some male Washington journalists, who felt the need to spell out their thoughts on the matter this weekend in the wake of the revelation that General David Petraeus resigned over an affair with his biographer, alleged mistress Paula Broadwell.

“Dear high profile dudes having affairs: Please stop. Sincerely, Men who love their wives and don’t cheat,” wrote WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza on Twitter. National Journal Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier, who met his wife while dressed up as a hamburger for Halloween, responded to Cillizza’s comments by remarking simply, “+1.”

NBC Political Director Chuck Todd, who is married with children, also weighed in, saying, “Patraeus [sic] is only adding fuel to the fire about what many women believe: that all men will cheat.”

Of course, journalists, like politicians, aren’t immune… Some politicians who become journalists, pollsters turned pundits or broadcast journos who work for major networks may want to tread carefully when chiming in on cheating.