Malcolm Gladwell Responds To ‘Lazy’ Economics Blogger, Fails To Realize She Was Journo For Economist


So Malcolm Gladwell wrote an ecomonics-focused piece for the New Yorker that touched G.M.’s financial crisis, Ireland’s economic resurgence, the American private pension system, the “dependency ration” and something called the “Celtic Tiger.” Economics bloggers — yes, they exist — criticized Gladwell, one calling the piece the “worst Malcolm Gladwell article ever.”

Gladwell responded via his blog.

Then another blogger, “Jane Galt” — apparently a psuedonym for the Economist‘s Megan McArdlerebutted Gladwell.

Gladwell then called the Galt’s rebuttal of his rebuttal “lazy”:

One of my frustrations with the blogosphere — as those of you who read this blog know — is that I think that the immediacy of web publishing makes some people lazy. They type faster than they think; or they believe that a reaction is the same thing as an argument. Case in point. The blogger known as Jane Galt had the following criticisms of my “Risk Pool” piece.

Gladwell has since been openly criticized via comments on his blog — one can only assume exactly the types of reactions that frustrate Gladwell, though not as much as the Economist itself. Writes Gladwell:

I’m curious. You write this as though you seem to think it is supposed to make Jane/Megan more impressive. You are aware, aren’t you, that among the non-GOP thinking classes around the world, _The Economist_ is widely considered a joke, a one-track rant on the evils of taxation and socialization. For every decent piece of work they do on exposing Italian corruption, there are five pieces telling us how Singapore is hell on earth or exposing the supposed gulags and genocides being planned by Chavez (now in cahoots with Morales).

As one commenter put it: “Congratulations … By rebutting a rebuttal that, which, in turn, has since been rebutted, you’re officially a blogger.”

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