Make The Most Of That Internship

Interns–They just keep getting younger. Flickr: .A.A..

Are you a college student (or a laid-off career-changer) looking to get into media? Better hope that internship is more hands-on than just making photocopies.
Forbes has some suggestions for the eager beavers who find themselves working as “java professionals” (and I don’t mean the programming language) this summer.
To wit: “Students have a golden opportunity to discuss their goals at the end of an interview…That’s when most interviewers solicit questions. Ask what kinds of projects previous interns were given and discuss what specific ideas they might have for you. Be specific and prepared; don’t just ramble and generalize.”
But don’t get cocky, see: “Once you’ve done the duties asked of you, …compile a list with two columns. On one side, put down the projects you expected to be taking on, and on the other what you’re actually doing. Once you’ve completed the list, ask yourself how realistic your expectations were for an intern.”
Get ready to get out there this summer and wow ’em with more than just your photocopying abilities, and there may just be a job for you in the future.