Mad Men to Win Architectural Preservation Award

Usually when you think Mad Men and award season you think Emmy. But the show is set to pick up an unusual nod this year. The LA Conservancy‘s 30th annual Preservation Award Ceremony is coming up in May, and Mad Men will be the winner of the group’s annual media award, thanks to the show’s loving depictions of 60’s architecture and culture.

Mad Men had filmed key scenes in Season 4 episode “The Suitcase” at the restaurant because of its pristine condition. When new management began removing original elements of the restaurant in a plan to “make it more Mad Men,” Mr. Weiner urged them to keep La Villa Basque intact.

For catapulting 1960s culture into the mainstream, showcasing Los Angeles’ treasures of sixties architecture, and taking a stand on real-life preservation issues, the Conservancy is proud to honor Mad Men and Matthew Weiner with its 2011 Media Award.

Historical authenticity aside, the show also has a thing for Cedd Moses’ retro-213 bars. We’ve noticed scenes shot in both Cole’s and the Broadway Bar.

H/T The Hollywood Reporter

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