M.E. Sprengelmeyer Wants To Sing With INXS

From Hotline’s Friday Feature:

    M.E. Sprengelmeyer is the political corr. for the Rocky Mountain News and Scripps Howard News Service. Since April ’07, he has been stationed in a lonely “home office” in Des Moines where he chases the GOP and Dem ’08ers down the “Back Roads to the White House.” Sprengelmeyer has spent much of his career with Scripps Howard: as a stringer for his home-town Albuquerque Tribune, projects reporter for the Ventura County Star, reporter and then DC corr. for the Rocky Mountain News/Scripps Howard News Service. He previously worked at the Antioch (Calif.) Daily Ledger-Post Dispatch and weekly Santa Fe Reporter. But today he’s our Friday Feature: …

    What reality TV show could you win?

    The 1976 presidential debate in Philadelphia, which featured 27 minutes of awkward silence after the microphones went on the fritz. Or “Rock Star INXS.”