Former New Jersey Newspaper Ad Salesman Now Has a Thriving Dog Walking Business

The weekly that employed Mike Lynn closed in 2015

“None of my younger clientele still receive newspaper delivery,” Mike Lynn, co-owner with his wife Angela of Lynn’s Pet Care in Midland Park, N.J., tells Fishbowl. So in one sense, Lynn has very much moved from the newspaper past to its present.

In 2015, the couple who owned Bergen County weekly newspaper The Villadom Times decided it was time to retire. The final edition published March 8 and left Lynn with no more ad-sales job. He had already been tending to his dog walking enterprise on the side, and since that time, has given Lynn’s Pet Care his full-time attention. He told local newspaper The Daily Voice that his professional life is the better for it:

“It has lowered my blood pressure and made me the happiest guy in the world,” said Mike, who has three dogs of his own at home with Angela. …

“It’s a wonderful thing,” Mike said. “I have such a nice relationship with so many people because of this.”

Lynn tells us he still gets The New York Times and Bergen Record delivered daily, and also subscribes to a number of magazines in print. “Old habits…” he jokes.

Photo via: Facebook