Lynn Yaeger Debuts Her First Of Four Columns For eBay’s

Lynn Yaeger, the iconic New York Times and Vogue contributor and former fashion reporter for The Village Voice, is penning a four-part feature for eBay’s online style magazine,

In her debut post, Yaeger discusses her love of collecting, particularly her love of French dolls, vintage sweaters and Victorian baby jewelry – much of which she finds through eBay. Future entries will see Yaeger interview fellow collectors and fashion / design world denizens Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler.

It’s an interesting move for TheInsideSource, which launched just last November. The online magazine describes it self as a mix of “original editorial, expert picks and tips, and insight from the 90 million people buying and selling on eBay. It takes a brand agnostic view of topics ranging fashion, to buying art on eBay, to interior design “trendlets,” to global style-setters who are simply doing something cool — like blogging about bikes in Copenhagen.”

As digital media expands in the coming months, we wonder how many other brands will look to dip a toe in the online and/or digital magazine pond.