Lyndsey Layton To Join Post’s Congressional Team

Liz Spayd sent out the following internal announcement to Posties:

    Lyndsey Layton, after a long and impressive run on the Metro staff, will be taking her talents to National, joining our Congressional team on the ever-so-lively Capitol Hill. Jonathan Weisman keeps a tight rein on the House, as Chuck Babington does on the Senate, which leaves our third Hill reporter a bit more free to troll for stories in the plentiful overload. Lyndsey will be covering her share of news, including stories about spending and special interest pork. But we also will be looking for her to take wide aim — at people and personalities on the Hill, at the outrages that politicians would rather keep hidden from view, at the power relationships that form, and at the peculiar Hill culture in which laws get made.

    Though Lyndsey hasn’t spent years covering politics, she does have a solid reputation for holding powerful people and institutions accountable. She most recently demonstrated that with her hard-edged coverage of transportation, routinely exposing mismanagement and misspending by Metro officials. With Jo Becker, she produced an investigative series into the transit system that led to the firing of its general manager.

    Lyndsey began her career at The Post in 1998, when she was hired to cover Calvert County. She chronicled life in Southern Maryland, capturing everything from the bacchanalia that is the seasonal opening of the Tiki Bar to the subtle racism behind the historic designation of old buildings. During the 2003 invasion of Iraq, she was embedded with the Navy, reporting the air war from aboard the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln. She covered public transportation for Metro for six years, breaking news, crafting features and digging beneath the surface. Since March, she has been exploring the impact of gentrification on the District.

    Lyndsey is a strong, versatile writer, with a clear since of how to spot stories others don’t see and to tell them in ways that make people keep reading. She’ll start on The Hill soon after the mid-term elections.