Lunch: Tim Gunn Talks ‘Age Appropriate Fashion’ with Grace Mirabella


If we’d come by on Monday, we would have run into Tyra Banks at breakfast and Harold Ford, Jr. at lunch. Oh, well. Michael’s was still brimming with plenty of the usual suspects today, and more than a few did a double take when Tim Gunn arrived with legendary editor Grace Mirabella on his arm.

When Project Runway‘s unflappable designer mentor sat down with the former Vogue editor, I wasn’t surprised to overhear their conversation turn immediately to fashion. Tim was all ears when asking Ms. Mirabella (whose namesake magazine remains one of my all-time favorites) about her thoughts on age-appropriate looks for everything from jeans to evening wear. Gathering intelligence for all those fledgling fashionistas, no doubt.

Here’s the rundown on today’s crowd:

1. Jack Myers of Jack Myers Media Advisory Group, presiding over a table of social media gurus: Huffington Post’s CEO Eric Hippeau, president Greg Coleman and senior vice president Phil Cara with Stephen Cannon of Mercedes Benz, Virgin Mobile’s Stacy Schwartz and Tom Cuniff of Combe Inc.

2. Peter Brown and John Reid

3. Producer John Hart (long time, no see!) with another distinguished looking white-haired gent

4. My good friend and publicist extraordinaire Catherine Saxton and Richard Smullen, co-founder and CEO of AdGenesis, beezag, and koppr. Catherine tells me she’s jetting off in a few days to Marabella to visit with “some Khashoggis.” Send us a postcard!

5. Allen & Co.’s Stanley Shuman

6. Peggy Siegal with a table full of young staffers.

7. Tim Gunn and Grace Mirabella.

8. Fashionista Lynn Tesoro with an equally stylish gal we didn’t recognize.

11. Newsweek‘s Lally Weymouth

12. Abernathy MacGregor Group’s Adam Miller

14. My good friend, public relations maven Lisa Linden and John Fitzpatrick. Lisa was nice enough to introduce me to the charming hotelier, and he regaled me with tales of his recent St. Patrick’s Day visit to the White House with his friend, actor Gabriel Byrne. “We had a fabulous time,” John told me. Seems like John is on quite a role these days. He’s just been named Irish American of the Year by Irish America Magazine for his business leadership and philanthropic work, and his iconic East Side hotels are a magnet for all kinds of fascinating types. None other than The Sopranos creator David Chase lived at the Lexington Avenue locale for almost three years. “There was always a lot of interesting people that came in to see him,” says John. I’ll bet.

15. Gerry Byrne and an incredibly chic blonde whose black and white ensemble earns her today’s best dressed title!

16. Attorney Bob Barnett who, we hear, once brought Sarah Palin by for dinner.

17. Dream Water CEO Adam Platzner

18. The always sartorially splendid Randy Jones, looking dapper in a windowpane check suit and striped tie.

20. Cindy Lewis

21. Attorney Jay Kriegel

23. Dan Wassong with my good friend, attorney Suzanne Bracker.

24. Price Waterhouse Cooper’s Peter Miscovich

25. Television producer Al Primo (He’s the brains behind Eyewitness News Kids, in case you didn’t know.)

26. Joe Versace (Yes, he’s related.)

27. Maria Cuomo Cole (Ken’s wife and the chair of HELP USA) dishing with a table full of power gals.

28. The Wall Street Journal‘s Dana McBride

We’ll be off on Spring Break next week. See you in two weeks!

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