Lunch at Michael’s: Diane von F., Andrew Lloyd Webber, Dear Maer and more!

Fashion is on our minds today. It was a very fashionable crowd who practically stormed Michael’s today after the fashion legend Kalman Ruttenstein‘s memorial service at Carnegie Hall ended. Maer Roshan held court at the bar with actor Matt Dickinson (Maer: “Matt’s playing a corpse in a movie tomorrow, so eating with this crowd is practice for him”), Times Style writer Bob Morris (“Oh! That’s Andrew Lloyd Webber over there under that gigantic thing that could fall on his head. Maybe it will, just like in Phantom. That would be so apropos, since Kal always liked theatre,”) me and my brand-spankin’ new Editorial Director (courtesy of Gawker :), Dorian Benkoil.

Here’s a list of the other luminaries at Michael’s today:

Table 1: Charlie Rose and a gal with long, blondish hair, speaking animatedly. A birdie told us they might be talking about a book deal?

2: Four fantastic gals, two from Time Inc., the other two from Susan Magrino Agency (which reps Martha Stewart Omnimedia among other clients). Susan Magrino, Allyn Magrino, Lee Clifford, a senior editor at Fortune, Pattie Sellers, Editor at Large at Fortune.

3: The Mayor of Michael’s Joe Armstrong, with author Joan Carganis Jakobson, author of And One More Thing: A Mother’s Advice on Life, Love, and Lipstick, looking fabulous, as always.

4: Andrew Lloyd Webber, with a dashing fella, but who??

5: We overheard his first name when he was leaving, Arthur ? with another guy. Help us out here.

6: Three guys and a gal.

Seen at some unnamed table: Wenda Millard, Yahoo! Chief Sales Officer, with Pat Fili-Krushel, evp of Time Warner.
[Wenda, we know you’ll be back at Michael’s for breakfast with Hot Scott Donaton tomorrow morning. But we’re sleeping in, so enjoy him!]

Hotel Tycoon Jerry Inzerillo (great glasses, Jerry!)
Cindy Nelson
Dan Sheffey
David Sable, a head honcho at WPP
Butch Kerzner
Reg Brack and Nick Nicholas – Time warner veterans.
Liz Barron, who heads Bear Stearns’ Media and Entertainment investment banking division, and ?? from Strauss Zelnick’s company.
Gerry Byrne, former publisher of Variety.

Boy, we miss Lisa Dallos. She could ID a KGB agent!

7: Diane von Furstenberg, looking glamorous, wearing a giganto silver ring and a chain link fence bracelet on her wrist! She was in a large-patterned suit (Bob Morris would know!) and had a faux leopard handbag.

8: New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia with an attractive socialite. [UPDATE: A little birdie tells us, she was actually no socialite, but Liz Peek, business columnist for the Sun. So much for going on first impressions! (Her husband Jeff Peek is CEO at CIT Financial).]

11:’s Jack Myers, with the very attractive, genteel and French outdoor advertising kingpin JC Decaux.

12: Who were you? We think this was New Yorker publisher Lou Cona. As Cona was leaving the restaurant, we overheard media recruiter Ed Koller say to his guest: “That was Cona? I made that guy’s career! I put him at People mag and look where he is today.” Of course, Koller likes to say that about everyone!

14: Leslie Stahl with Simon & Schuster editrix Alice Mayhew. Talking about a book idea, no doubt!

16: Kathie Lee Gifford and two other happy, blonde gals.

17: A guy named George. We couldn’t catch his last name!

18: Soledad O’Brien, CNN’s American Morning co-Anchor, with Miles O’Brien and another couple.

19: Marshall Cohen with someone else.

22: Media Recruiter to the Stars Ed Koller, with lovely Charles McCurdy (former head of Primedia), of Apprise Media.

27: Quest Magazine’s Chris Meigher and a bunch of other guys.

IF you were at Michael’s today (or any day) and would like to report in, or correct the record, please email LaurelT AT

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