Lunch at Michael’s: Buzzy, Bustling and Buzz Aldrin


Today’s bustling crowd of newsmakers and spinmeisters made for some interesting tables where substance and style were on equal display. While we weren’t privy to the undoubtedly riveting conversations, we did have a bird’s eye view of all things fashionable. We’re always impressed by the impeccable fashion sense of the powerful ladies and social swans who lunch, but today, for those who keep score of such things, the guys scored major points for their collective style savvy. We were so taken with the sartorial splendor of the two gentlemen from Chicago that were waiting in the lounge with us we just had to say hello (Loved your Turnbull & Asser!). The super stylish crowd included the always natty Howard Rubenstein, former deputy mayor Rudy Washington and a host of movers and shakers looking resplendent in pinstripes. The always elegant Lesley Stahl gets high marks for her flawlessly classic look, and the 60 Minutes icon might be touching off a new trend &#151 she asked to be seated in the Garden Room (which was also the site of Tuesday’s star studded lunch for Annette Bening hosted by Peggy Siegal and attended by Christie Brinkley, Liz Cho, Linda Fairstein, Faye Wattleton and Liz Smith, among others).

Here’s a rundown of the tasteful crowd:

Table 1: A meeting of the media minds: Jeff Greenfield, Joel Siegel and Jerry Della Femina and a host of impressive looking gentlemen.

2. Grace Mirabella and guests.

3. “Mayor of Michael’s” Joe Armstrong — whose warm greeting made us feel like true media mavens — and man of the moment Dave Zinczenko. We marvel at how young Dave juggles editing Men’s Health, sitting on the Today Show couch between Matt and Meredith on a regular basis while churning out best sellers with élan. What’s your secret, Dave?

4. First shift: A casually clad Ron Perelman sporting a “Hummer” baseball cap sipping Diet Coke with a dark haired, well dressed beauty. Second shift: former congressman Rick Lazio (who bashfully told us his suit was from Hickey Freeman) lunching with Peter Brown.

5. Owen Lassiter and guest.

6. Joan Tisch and actress (Kate & Allie) Susan St. James.

7. The always well-dressed Michael Holtzman sporting pinstripes by Richard James (“There’s a lot of good looking suits here”) and Jill Murphy, HSBC’s head of corporate communications.

8. New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia presiding over a table of well-dressed guests.

9. Barry Landau, author and presidential historian, with Joe Tessitore, President of Collins Books. Harper Collins is publishing Landau’s latest book on lifestyles of the presidential, called “The President’s Table-Two Hundred Years of Dining & Diplomacy.” In honor of their meeting, Landau dipped into his collection of presidential china and requested that his table be set with President Lincoln’s original china. If only we could all be treated like heads of state. Nice touch, Barry!

10. At a “new” table for two: best-selling author Pamela Keogh and Joseph Montobello.

11. Uber-agent Esther Newberg and “Bob.”

12. Chris Meigher and guests.

14. Simon & Schuster’s editor extraordinaire Alice Mayhew.

15. Teddy Forstmann and two unidentified blonde lovelies.

16. Television titans Dick Wolf and Today Show executive producer Jim Bell, no doubt discussing the interesting NBC coverage of late.

17. Simon & Schuster CEO Jack Romanos and Trident Media Group’s Paul Fedorko.

18. The beat goes on: Sirius Satellite Radio’s Scott Greenstein and members of Ace of Base.

19. ???

20. Producer Beverly Camhe with ???

21. Money men: Scott Singer, partner at
Deloitte, and Pete Foley, managing director of global media and

22. Super spin master Stu Zakim and guest. No longer toiling for the tabs (we first met Stu during his tenure at Us Weekly during the Bonnie Fuller regime and had a few occasions to ring him when he jumped to AMI. Thanks for always being so helpful, Stu), he’s now Showtime’s director of corporate communications.

23. Stuart Rekant with guests we couldn’t see.

24. An out of this world table: American icon Buzz Aldrin and Richard LeFrak.

25. Harper Collins’ David Hirshey, VH1’s Michael Hirschorn and Andrew Arends, president of The Crescuit Club in London.

26. David Friend and ???

27. Designer Steven Stolman, Chip Quinn and his daughter Liz.

28. The always chic Alyce Alston, CEO of DeBeers.

29. Conde Nast’s Maurie Perl with colleague Nicole Littrean who confessed to us that this was her first visit to Michael’s. Welcome to the club!

30. The quintessentially dapper Don Welsh (who proudly told us he recently celebrated his 63 birthday and charmed us with tales about his beloved grandchildren), writer and Harvard man Jake Hill (“I got in under the Hillbilly affirmative action program”) and Elliot Aronow, “minister of information” of the intriguing Website The Simple Mission. Elliot gets our vote for coolest dresser of the day for channeling Paul McCartney and Beatle chic in his Carnaby Street-inspired Trovata suit. We were thrilled when this intriguing trio invited us to join them for coffee. (That was us, CEO Laurel Touby and author Diane Clehane). We could have stayed all afternoon but we had to file this column!

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Map of Michael’s