Lunch at Michael’s: Ashcroft, Ailes… an Ellie Day

With John Ashcroft dining at Michael’s, you would have thought the place would be crawling with secret service agents, rather than the Binky kind. She wasn’t there actually, but she should have been! We were dining at the bar today have you ever noticed all the lovely (obstructionist) flower arrangements? We sure did today! They’re by Jose Camargo, of Giverny. So, maybe we didn’t catch everything, but we did our best (Table numbers may be wrong today. They had to add tables):

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Table 1: Roger Ailes and his Fox cubs:
Rick Leventhal
Shep Smith (up from hurricane country)
Bill Hemmer (a CNN Turncoat, pun intended)
They were all in black suits and pastel shirts like East Village undertakers. There was one woman there with a tightly-wound ponytail, also in a black suit.

2: Leopardesses who lunch. Avenue‘s Pamela Gross, Serena Boardman, Judy Giuliani (in a leopard-patterned top), Terry Allen Kramer (also in a leopard-patterned top), Broadway producer and “part of the Allen & Co. banking family,” say our sources. They all had salads.

3: Joe Armstrong, the Mayor of Michael’s, with Dorothy Kalins, Executive Editor of Newsweek.

4: Freddie Gershon, chairman of Music Theatre International, with Ann Sweeney .

5: Mort Zuckerman and Tommy Mottola. Fun pairing!

6: Atoosa Rubenstein, in a black YSL outfit. “I like to think of it as Corpse Bride,” she quips. “That’s who I am in my heart.” She was with WWD‘s Jeff Bercovici and Elizabeth Dye, in Hearst PR. Dye was wearing a Marc Jacobs jean jeacket and skirt, with huge diamond studs in her ears.

7: The New Martha Stewart, Sandra Lee, in black, with Judy Price. Price was wearing very funky red eye-glasses and huge cabochon (?) earrings. We’ve always wanted to say that. But what is cabochon anyway? Oh, who cares?

7 (second seating): Fran Leibowitz with Errol MacDonald (?), both in black suits looking very suave indeed. They were eating burgers, with fries.

8: New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia, with the most devastatingly handsome (yes, we are married, but not in our context of faithful reporter) European Prince. He was eating sushi wearing a raw-Tuna-colored tie, and out-there big-checked grey suit. [A little birdie later wrote: “That was EUAN RELLIE, Lucy Sykes’ husband.”] He’s got this Jude Law thing going on.

11: Hot-shot PR mogul Susan Magrino, in a beige Calvin Klein suit, dining with Amy Stanton, director of marketing at Martha Stewart Omnimedia. They were discussing the launch next week of the new book, “Martha Rules.”

12: Jonathan Burnham, former head of Miramax Books and now head of an imprint at Harper Collins, with Somebody Ashbrook [Someone answered our plea: “Larry Ashmead, former editor of Harper Collins was with Burnham.”]

14: Ben Widdicombe, of the Daily News, with two women, one blonde, one brunette. Which one was Claire Mercuri?

15: Peter Wolf.

16: Cosmo‘s Kate White with Alexandra Trower

17: Playboy‘s Christie Hefner with Sony’s Rob Wiesenthal.

18: Henry Schleiff.

19: Lynn Tesoros (sp?), who works with Hamilton South of HL Group, with Elizabeth Harrison.

20: Deb Shriver, of Hearst with Nick Latimer.

21: Chris Meigher with a blonde guy with blue aviators.

22: Eileen Ford with hubby.

22 (second seating): The Kelly Boys, Jim (of Time fame) and Keith (of Post fame).

23: Cuddly Tom Ryder and Bjorn Wiggin, of Arkla Media (the biggest publisher in Denmark and Norway).

24: Steve Mosko.

25: Michael Berman.

25 or 28: Janice Min, editrix of Us Weekly, in a purple Miu-Miu top and kind of army green pants, shod in Manolos. She was with Gabriel Sherman, Media Reporter at The New York Observer.

27: John Ashcroft (yes, that John Ashcroft), with Juleanna Glover Weiss, of the Ashcroft Group.

28: Stephanie Smith, of, with Terry McDevitt, of Conde Nast.

29: Mr. Walter Sabo, a Sirius investor (he was the youngest Vice President in the history of ABC and NBC Inc., according to his site), with Liz Aiello, former assistant news director at Channel 7 (married to Tony Aiello, the Channel 2 reporter).

30: Playboy‘s Diane Silberstein with Steve Dveris, who owns a rep firm that represents Playboy. Silberstein was in a black Dolce & Gabbana pant suit.

AT the Bar with us:

Lisa Dallos, our ever-lovin’ Freud PR comrade.
Julie Lasky, e-i-c of I-D magazine, in a beige houndstooth Ann-Louise Roswald coat, Armani skirt and gap shirt.
Uber PR chick, Chris Taylor, in a chocolate brown custom-made suit by Sanford Bryant, with NYC Film Commish Katherine Oliver in a grey and purple pinstriped Ozwald Boateng.

Seen (but who were they dining with? write in!):

Beverly Camhe

Charles “Chuck” Dolan, of Cablevision.

Robert Brady

Daniel Zwim

Lorraine Haddock

Eileen Burke

Barbra Guggenheim

Briana Handte

Mitchell Konsker

Anne O’Grady

Chris Paci

Ashley Schiff

Cathy Torelli

Bradley Wechsler

Errol Cohen

Stuart Rekant

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Map of Michael’s