Luke Russert on Life as a NBC News Correspondent

TVNewser’s Steve Krakauer caught up with Luke Russert the other day and chatted with him about why he thinks the kids really will turn out for the election this year, how his “dumb” UVA comment taught him to never wing it on live TV, and how his famous name my have helped him get his foot through the door but his “performance and ability got my butt through the door.” As to whether he continues to watch Meet the Press since his father’s death, he had this to say:

I don’t watch it as much as I watched when he was on, obviously. It’s still tough, to some degree, to watch it all the way through. I see who they have as guests, and I tune in. I think Brokaw’s been doing an absolutely outstanding job. Honestly I think, given the situation being dealt, it was so nice of him to essentially come out of retirement and lend his veteran presence. So yeah, I pay close attention to it. I care about what happens to it. I think it really is — and all the Sunday morning shows are — really the last frontier in terms of a format that is watched by millions, in which people can actually have a conversation. I just hope it stays in that realm.