Luke Hayman Does It Again: A Look at Vibe‘s Redesign


Proving that Luke Hayman is on a quest to make every magazine currently in circulation look spectacular, following his recent work on 02138 and Consumer Reports, the Pentagram blog has the full story on his latest efforts in giving Vibe a terrific redesign. Years ago, this write somehow got on some list somehow and had a long-running subscription to Vibe, which always seemed to really understand the importance of quality design. Even though this writer doesn’t know his R&B from his hip-hop and regularly has to ask his fiance who people are talking about, he used to read that magazine from cover to cover, simply because it was so great to look at. And now, with Hayman’s help, it looks even more stellar. So what are you waiting for Vibe? When does the free subscription start up again? Here’s a bit:

To aid in navigation and structure, the redesign establishes a strong and consistent page branding language. For department headers, the designers revisited the playful use of typography of the original, with words broken up and shuffled in unusual ways, and reinstated the use of Vibe Gothic, developed for the magazine in 1993. But these have now been paired with the expressive Leitura Display font, used for swashes in headlines and pull quotes throughout the magazine. (Leitura is used for body text.)