Lou Lumenick Updates His Twitter Avatar

Post film critic turns THR Rotten into Twitter Fresh.

LouLumenickTwitterIt’s in The Hollywood Reporter headline.

It’s in The Hollywood Reporter permalink.

And now, it’s also in every one of New York Post film critic Lou Lumenick’s tweets.

Well done, Lou.* This is how you make the most out of being ranked ninth on a Top Ten list. Or, put another way, how you frame that f—er:

9. Lou Lumenick, New York Post

“With Lou, it only becomes a big deal if his review is really nasty,” says a publicist. “A normal review doesn’t get any attention.” A studio exec, though, gives him a thumbs-down. “F— that f—er,” he says.

*Editor’s Note: Via Twitter, Lumenick’s colleague Kyle Smith has let us know he was the one who created the meme image above, using imgflip.com.

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