L.A. Times Hire Sets the Stage for Epic Karaoke Battle

An LAT memo hint is all we need to suggest pop music editor Devon Maloney's first logical karaoke adversary.

DevonMaloneyHeadshotIn today’s L.A. Times memo announcing the Spring Street arrival of pop music editor Devon Maloney (pictured), assistant managing editor John Corrigan throws in some nice personal touches. Most notably:

And fair warning: If you should find yourself at a karaoke bar with Devon at some point, prepare for an epic sing-off.

We wanted a bit more specificity and, via an LAT rep, Maloney kindly obliged. The pop music editor’s top three current karaoke tunes are:

“You Know That I’m No Good” (Amy Winehouse)
“Monday Morning” (Fleetwood Mac)
“I Put a Spell on You” (Nina Simone)

Maloney – a native of El Segundo – is returning home to a media realm that on the karaoke front is frequented most enthusiastically by The Daily Beast’s Jen Yamato. In the interests of full, future epic sing-off disclosure, we also asked Yamato for her three go-to’s:

Chandelier” (Sia)
“Forgot About Dre” (Dr. Dre featuring Eminem)
“Alone” (Heart)

Let the calendaring begin! Maloney comes to the L.A. Times after four years in New York, where she logged two and a half years as a freelancer and another year and a half in staff positions. Check out some of the BU grad’s writings via The Village Voice, Grantland and Pitchfork.

[Photo credit: Kristin Regler]