From LA Times Suitor to LA Times Publisher

AustinBeutnerPicWhen everyone and their brother was being mentioned as a possible bidder for Tribune newspapers in general and the Los Angeles Times in particular, Hillel Aron wrote a crackling summary article for LA Weekly. Today, an individual front-and-center in Aron’s piece – Austin Beutner – has been announced as the paper’s new publisher and CEO, taking over for Eddy Hartenstein:

In an interview Sunday, Beutner described himself as “a news junkie” who has read The Times regularly since he moved to Southern California in 2000.

“I start my morning with a bowl of cereal and the newspaper laid out on the table in front of me,” he said.

Certainly, if Beutner holds true to the things he told Aron in early 2013, this is the best piece of news for beleaguered LAT staffers in some time. Here’s just one snippet from that LA Weekly cover story:

“There is no voice to rival the LA Times,” Beutner says. “I’d love to see it restored to its prior stature in terms of it being a voice of civic consciousness. And I think the best ownership for that voice is local.”

[Photo via: LA Times]