Herald-Examiner Custodian Finally Following His Defunct Newspaper Into the Sunset

There is absolutely no trace of today’s newspaper tweet, Facebook and “Like Us” madness in the daily routine of Chuck Lutz, the 68-year-old custodian of the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner‘s former downtown headquarters. A fact that LA Times columnist Steve Lopez suggests should make for a smooth transition to retirement January 9:

Think about it. Lutz’s boss [Hearst Corporation] is 400 miles away in San Francisco. The checks never bounce. He gets to work before traffic is a problem, and his most arduous task on many days is to watch the minutes tick away until he punches out at 2 p.m. and goes home to Mission Hills to walk the dogs.

Good for him. The last edition of the Herald-Examiner (pictured) was published November 2, 1989. But Lutz remained at the 11th & Broadway building to let in film crews and make sure nothing (too) out of the ordinary occurred.

Lopez took a tour of the building, somewhat reluctantly. All in all, another classic column from one the LAT‘s most dependable journalistic assets. Be sure to read it when you have a moment.

[Photo courtesy HEREX forum]