Live, from Everywhere: It’s Lorne Michaels

TIMECover_SethMeyersIs it too early to consider Lorne Michaels for Time’s 2014 “Person of the Year”? At the very least, he would seem to have New York’s “Person of the Winter” pretty much locked up.

Michaels is largely responsible for the ascension of Seth Meyers, on the cover of Time currently. And of course, he helped Jimmy Fallon wrangle The Tonight Show back to New York City for what will, if not ratings-wise, at least vibe-wise be a complete re-invigoration of the Burbank, CA talk staple.

And let’s not forget Sunday January 12, when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler – stars of NBC sitcoms past and present – return to the Beverly Hilton to host another Golden Globes ceremony.

One of the hallmarks of Michaels’ success is that he prefers to let other people do the talking. Partly, we’re guessing, because he’s too damn busy to make time for trailing feature-article writers.

On that general front, a conversation the Canadian comedy genius had a couple of years ago with Alec Baldwin remains still, today, one of the best bits of reading material:

Michaels: Yeah and then we began writing for comedians, Woody Allen and Joan Rivers and a little bit Dick Cavett.

Baldwin: And how do you get into that door?

Michaels: [Radio partner] Hart [Pomerantz] – Hart did that. He was very good at approaching people. We would come down to New York to write for people, and Woody was incredibly generous and encouraging and we had no impact at all on his career but he was very helpful. Then we got hired on a television show in 1968 as writers called, The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show.

Baldwin: Right. [Laughter]

This podcast conversation, revisited, brings to mind a new question: If Michaels decided to try and rescue Baldwin’s reputation with a new show and the actor agreed to participate, would the program succeed? FishbowlNY would never bet against Michaels, so we say – yes.

In the meantime, we thank him for once again paving the way for a memorable Golden Globes night.

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