Lorne Michaels Caves In to the Power of the Interwebz: Betty White to Host SNL

betty whit.png

She may lack the comedic genius of Taylor Lautner, but 88-year old Betty White will host the May 8 episode of Saturday Night Live this year, after a Facebook campaign to get her on the show drew nearly 500,000 fans. White’s rise to Internet meme status came from being viciously tackled in a Snickers commercial that aired during the Superbowl telecast.

SNL has been awful lately. Just awful. (It actually wasn’t the kid’s fault, but the aforementioned Lautner episode from last December was arguably the worst thing we have ever seen on television. No exaggeration. Worst. Episode. Ever.) So hopefully White’s presence will perk the writers up a bit. I mean, let’s be honest, this thing could practically write itself and get laughs. Betty White at a fetish club. Betty White as a pimp, slapping her bitches around. Some kind of skit involving adult diapers.

You get the idea.

H/T The Wrap