Lord Save Us: Journos Running The White House?!?

The folks at FamousDC have proven smarter at this whole “start a new blog” thing than we ever could have anticipated. Namely, if you want to get linked, praise those from whom you want linkage.

So it is, then, that they’re out with their “Media Ticket,” which features an imaginary White House Cabinet…filled with media types.

Including a nod for yours truly:

White House Press Secretary — Patrick Gavin, Washington Examiner
Pat already scoops most of Washington with his real time updates. We need him in front of the cameras daily for the gaggle. Cameras will be waiting for Gavin to announce the annual online contest to determine the hottest WH beat reporters.

Some other funnies:

White House Chief of Staff – Chuck Todd, NBC
Imagine coming into a Monday morning staff meeting at 5:45 a.m. and Chuck Todd has graphs and numbers for you as you’re choking down your first cup of coffee. Amazing. All leaked documents will finally make sense and will be justified with graphs, numbers, and awkward hand motions. We’ll follow the goater to the grave. …

Attorney General — Wolf Blitzer, CNN
We don’t know if Wolf has a law degree, but we believe every word out of his mouth. He’d fix whatever needs to be fixed and the 12 screens and custom animation that accompanied him would have the American people on his side. …

Director of Management and Budget — David Rogers, Politico
David Rogers should be President, but he knows he’ll have more of an impact as Director. He will run circles around Obey, Lewis and the approps gang. He’ll make sure the money goes where it should. Forget earmarks — everything will run through Director Rogers…and the country will be better for it.