Looking For the ‘Look Book’ Look


We’ve always wondered how New York magazine’s “Look Book” gets made. In SoHo, in fact, we’re convinced there are people who walk around looking to get into the “Look Book.” Seriously. So when we spotted this scene on the corner of Prince and Mercer late last week, we were certain we’d stumbled across the Look Book’s innerworkings. When we asked New York‘s outgoing p.r. wunderkind Betsy Burton to ID this reporter, however, she could not — it seems this woman was operating independently. “Look Book” imposters? Perhaps.


Anyone know who she is? Any tips leading to her positive ID gets our copy of New York. We’re done looking at it.

UPDATE: Writes an e-mailer: “Metro also does a street styles thing. And the NY Press just started a copycat version that really blows. Could be from either (though I’d guess the Press would be most likely, as Metro‘s look-book thing is usually shot near their office in the financial district).”